Working with Personality & Positivity

Celebrate International Day of Happiness March 20, 2018!

Sharing acts of happiness with others is a healthy, fun way of celebrating happiness every day. In fact at they create monthly calendars with daily suggestions that you can follow that often include ways to share happiness . It’s a fun calendar for posting in your office or at home.

Why share happiness with others? Why not just do something for myself? Isn’t it just one more thing to add to my daily to-do list? Sharing happiness actually adds to your joy, so in essence when you share a happy act you are adding to your own happiness – as well as the other person’s happiness. Double pleasure.

If you think about it, you likely already do a lot of things for others. Waking your family up. Making breakfast. Driving kids/spouse/colleagues to school or work. Volunteering. Going for a walk with someone. Meeting for coffee. And the list goes on.

For me, happiness is often a colourful smoothie that I make with fruits and veggies. Sharing this smoothie with a loved one or a friend – with a bouquet of flowers on the table is truly a happy act I love to share.


Have a Happy Day!smoothie