Working with Personality & Positivity

Happiness is an Attitude

Have you ever thought about what makes you happy?  Is it the bright new “toy” that you just bought? Is it a trip to the sunny South when it is freezing at home?  Is it getting the kids to go to bed? Is it finally getting the promotion?

All of these things are just that — things. External pleasures. Fleeting. True happiness comes from within. The word happiness seems to be overused. In fact most of the researchers in the Positive Psychology field cringe at the word happy because really they are talking about positivity. And positivity, according to researcher Christopher Peterson, is “what makes life worth living.” We can choose an attitude of positivity, or using the more common term, we can choose happiness.

That all sounds a little theoretical I know. So let me give you a quick example. Recently when I travelled to FLorida to encourage my daughter in Disney’s half marathon Princess Race, I Face booked fun, sunny photos. Some  Canadian friends embraced my joy of being with my daughter, while others told me they were jealous and not to rub it in since the weather was so cold for them.

Yesterday, back in the freezing cold weather  I  changed my cover page from a skating scene to one of my lounging in a hammock with the comment that I know it is cold but I’m thinking Spring.  Today I’m blogging about taking on the attitude of positivity — being happy from within, despite the snow and cold outside my window. Take on an attitude of happiness. IMG_4529

Happy March 1 everyone!