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Our book is available! It is based on over a decade of  interactive colours sessions with parents, who have consistently told us that once they realized some of the difficulties in their homes were “personality clashes” their family life improved. Most interactive workshops in this series are based on the four personality (or colour) groups. With a basic understanding of four ways of behaving, parents can then help create a thriving home environment for the entire family.

Choose workshops that best meet the needs of your organization. While we suggest 90 minutes minimum per session, we do customize them according to your time constraints and requirements. Please let us know your needs and we’ll work with you to create a program that will help your kids more than make the grade.

“Raising Positive Resilient and Happy Kids” is based on the principles of Positive Psychology.

“Surviving Your Adolescents” is not temperament based and is designed for middle and secondary schools.


PLEASE NOTE: For schools booking these workshop presentations, you are encouraged to submit an application for a Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant from the Ontario Ministry of Education. All of our workshops and keynotes align well with the criteria for funding. To review PRO grant information, please see

  • Workshop 1: GPS for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

This was the first session developed for School Councils who requested a program that would help them become more self-aware and understand basic differences in their children’s personalities. Because as all parents know, their offspring can be as different as night and day! This session emphasizes how parents can strengthen the family unit by learning how to communicate with their kids, as well as encourage their offspring’s innate personality strengths.

  • Workshop 2: Stressed Out!  

Do you wonder why your kids get stressed with things that did not stress you out as a child? Or maybe they don’t get stressed out when you think they should be. Perhaps you think that stress is the same for everyone. So when it comes to helping your kids with stress you try what works for you – sometimes to no avail. That is because there are differences in personalities and in the way each stresses.

  • Workshop 3: Homework Wars! Meeting the Challenges with Personality Strengths  

Parents are often surprised to discover that what worked for them as kids growing up just doesn’t work with their own offspring. What a surprise! Turns out that the four behavioural groups learn differently and work differently. Parents can help their offspring thrive by tuning in to some of these differences. By creating a different learning space in their homes for their child, parents can encourage learning and cooperation. Homework wars can become a thing of the past!

  •  Workshop 4: Talk to Me!    

This session will include information on introverted and extraverted children, or  “Innies” and “Outies” as we lovingly refer to them. This is an important link of understanding your kid’s development. No surprise also that each of the four “colours” has a preference for the way in which they communicate. We hope by looking at these two components that you will enjoy more positive conversations with your children.

  • Workshop 5: Raising Positive Resilient and Happy Kids!

 This seminar is about helping your child enjoy a wonderful life. How? Through learning some basic positive psychology, which is the science of happiness. Learn how you can help your kids see what is working well in their lives and learn to live with optimism so they can begin to thrive at home, and at school.

  •   Workshop 6: Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage and Let Go of Your 13-18 Year Olds

Participants will learn how to deal with “The Snub”, what is “normal” adolescence, teens and risk and establishing “house rules”. The presentation is based on proven teen parenting principles developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan (author of 1-2-3 Magic). This workshop is facilitated by Wayne Jones, M.Ed.


  • Workshop 7: “Under Construction – The Teen Brain” (new for 2018/2019)

The research on teen brain development and functioning continues to expand on a daily basis. In this workshop, participants will develop an understanding of how the brain influences teens to think and act in unique ways as they strive to define themselves and develop their own identity.

  • Workshop 8: “Kids Have Stress Too!®” (new for 2018/2019)

A program from The Psychology Foundation of Canada designed to help parents understand and manage the stress their kids have. Participants will explore the following topics:

  • Stress can affect children’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being
  • Children experience everyday stress in a different way than adults
  • Extreme stress can have a negative effect on brain development in young children


  • Workshop 9: “Mindfulness for Kids” (new for 2018/2019)

You have probably heard the term “mindfulness”. You see it everywhere. But beyond the buzz, what is it? How does it help our kids? What can we do as parents (and grandparents) to help our offspring find a still quiet place? Join us to explore these questions and more.

  • Keynote Address: Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality

This dynamic one hour presentation introduces parents to “positivity” and “colourful” personalities.






Every student is unique in so many ways, including behaviour, temperament and personality. Former teacher and principal, Wayne Jones, M.Ed., will lead your students to an increased awareness of their personality strengths so that they can more effectively understand each other, communicate and work and play in team settings. This interactive workshop is based on Personality Dimensions at School, a popular temperament self-assessment tool for students from grade 5 through high school. Flexible formats (small/large groups and settings) are available. Create stronger student bonds and understanding today. Call Wayne today (905-825-1456) to book sessions for your students. Special pricing available if combined with a parent workshop/keynote.

NEW!    Special Workshop for Specialist High Skills Majors program students


Kate Jones & Associates has developed a special 3 hour high school workshop, geared specifically to enhance the Specialist High Skills Majors program.




Every student is unique in so many ways, including behaviour, temperament and personality. Former teacher and principal, Wayne Jones, M.Ed., and partner Kate Jones, M.Ed., will lead your students to an increased awareness of their personality strengths so that they can more effectively understand each other, communicate, and work in team settings. This interactive workshop is based on Personality Dimensions for Youth, a popular temperament self-assessment tool for secondary school students. The three hour workshop is only $500 + HST + materials ([assessment package and booklet] only $5 per student). The handy takeaway booklet reminds students of the skills and techniques that they learned in the workshop, and allows them to continue working towards a greater understanding of temperament applications. For companies and organizations at a distance of more than 80 Km from Oakville Ontario, a reasonable transportation and incidental expense fee will be negotiated.

Call Wayne or Kate today (905-825-1456) to book sessions for your SHSM students.



For over a decade we have successfully worked with teachers and administrators in interactive colourssessions. Even seasoned teachers have expressed their desire to go back to their classrooms and change the environment and/or assessments to accommodate all four ways of behaving/learning. In doing so they create an even more dynamic classroom setting that appeals to all of the students.

  • Class Act: A “Colourful” Educational Workshop

            Teachers who want to make a difference by understanding the temperament of their students will be a “class act” as they become  even more dynamic educators! Additional applications such as differentiated learning, and student stress are available.

  • Leadership: Capitalize on Your Personality (“Colour”)

            Teachers/Administrators may not think about their preferences when it comes to interacting with colleagues, staff, parents and students. Yet when they behave differently than we wish, then we may think something is wrong with them. This workshop encourages teachers/administrators to explore four different preferences of behaviour that can help them become even more dynamic leaders!