Working with Personality & Positivity


Back to School Blues

…the notion of human beings falling into one of four temperament categories has been around since Hippocrates, who first observed the four groups centuries ago. Many experts and studies since then have confirmed the four broad groups.
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Getting personal at conference workshop

…Participants took the opportunity to discover their primary temperament, which was metaphorically described in terms of one of four colours. Each of the colour groups then met and further explored the strengths of their particular temperament type.
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You know the type!

…If you, as parents, learn to recognize your children’s primary nature then you will gain an even better understanding of them, be able to help increase their self esteem, and generally improve your relationships with them
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Her Journey – Stories of Entrepreneurs

Her Journey is a book about a phenomenon in the workforce that has caught the attention of many women in North America: entrepreneurship. For as many reasons as there are women who are becoming entrepreneurs, this practice currently enjoys a great deal of popularity. You may already be one of the many contributors to this way of doing business. Perhaps you are considering joining the ranks of the entrepreneur. Or maybe you are just curious about the reasons women seem drawn towards this idea of heading up their own business…
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