Working with Personality & Positivity

Sales Dimensions


Pre-Approved CE Opportunity from Mortgage Professionals Canada

Earn 4 professional development continuing education units (CEUs) through this pre-approved training opportunity offered by Kate Jones & Associates.


This 6 contact hours course will equip mortgage professionals with skills to more quickly build positive relationships with customers to reach successful

sales targets. Sales Dimensions meets the CE requirement for the AMP designation with 4 PD credits.

Sales Dimensions helps professionals increase their sales exponentially by developing their Personality Radar.


The Sales Dimensions Workshop provides:

  • Handouts specific to sales professionals
  • Several exercises, tailored to sales professionals for:
      • Understanding the need to adapt sales approaches
      • Helping sales professionals understand their own sales styles
      • Identifying the Personality Dimensions® of clients (Personality Radar)
      • Matching closing approaches to personality


The Sales Wheel component:

The revolutionary Sales Wheel is what sets Sales Dimensions apart from other sales training programs. It helps you develop your Personality Radar

to successfully sell to all types of customers, even the ones you may not connect with naturally. By pointing out how customers perceive the approach

of a sales professional, the Sales Wheel gives sound advice on how to shift your approach to create better sales relationships.

This handy takeaway tool reminds you of the skills and techniques that you learned in the workshop, and allows you to continue working

towards greater sales success.




Course Content

What Type of Customer are You?

Personality Dimensions® Assessment (paper or online)

Understanding Introversion and Extraversion

Selling with Personality

Purchasing with Personality

Developing Your Personality Radar


Closing with Personality

“Close the Deal: Use the Wheel”


RE-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for 4 CE Units in the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CE category

for the 2018 calendar year”


Cost Options

Sales Dimensions full training package

  • 6 contact hours (morning and afternoon) for 4 PD Continuing Education Units
  • All materials (specialized sales handouts)
  • Sales Wheel (one wheel per participant) [extra wheels can be ordered upon request]
  • Personality Dimensions® assessment (paper or online)

At your site      1 – 16 participants         $1100 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST

17 – 35 participants  (2 facilitators)         $1800 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST

At our Oakville site       maximum 4 participants             $1000 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST  (includes light snacks, coffee, tea etc.)


For companies and organizations at a distance of more than 80 Km from Oakville Ontario, a reasonable transportation and incidental

expense fee will be negotiated.

Your Facilitators

Kate Jones (M.Ed.) and Wayne Jones (M.Ed.)