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We See Things As We Are

In her book “Life is a verb” Patti Digh quotes Anais Nin: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

Isn’t that the truth. We grow up with our perspective and often just assume that others view life the same way too. We often gravitate towards ppeople who see things the way we do too. But sometimes we find ourselves in the company of someone who just doesn’t see things in the same way and we wonder why they are so weird.

For example, one colleague may be very different on your team than the rest of your colleagues. As one workshop participant commented to me the other day, “we’re both speaking English but sometimes I just don’t understand her.” Once they learned the differences of how the four temperaments communicate, they began to understand where some of the gaps were in their relationship on the team.

Only then could they begin to bridge the gap between their two perspectives and perhaps even appreciate one another a little more. Once again, I quoted Patti Digh: “Experiencing the world of others doesn’t imply agreement or adoption of their way of being in the world, but it does require openness.”

Another participant commented that she thought a group of their colleagues were being sarcastic and she had never quite figured out why. She learned that day that this small group shared the same temperament and what she thought was sarcastic was really just their dry wit . They all laughed together. And so a bridge was built that day.