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Sales Dimensions


Pre-Approved CE Opportunity from Mortgage Professionals Canada

Earn 4 professional development continuing education units (CEUs) through this pre-approved training opportunity offered by Kate Jones & Associates.


This 6 contact hours course will equip mortgage professionals with skills to more quickly build positive relationships with customers to reach successful

sales targets. Sales Dimensions meets the CE requirement for the AMP designation with 4 PD credits.

Sales Dimensions helps professionals increase their sales exponentially by developing their Personality Radar.


The Sales Dimensions Workshop provides:

  • Handouts specific to sales professionals
  • Several exercises, tailored to sales professionals for:
      • Understanding the need to adapt sales approaches
      • Helping sales professionals understand their own sales styles
      • Identifying the Personality Dimensions® of clients (Personality Radar)
      • Matching closing approaches to personality


The Sales Wheel component:

The revolutionary Sales Wheel is what sets Sales Dimensions apart from other sales training programs. It helps you develop your Personality Radar

to successfully sell to all types of customers, even the ones you may not connect with naturally. By pointing out how customers perceive the approach

of a sales professional, the Sales Wheel gives sound advice on how to shift your approach to create better sales relationships.

This handy takeaway tool reminds you of the skills and techniques that you learned in the workshop, and allows you to continue working

towards greater sales success.




Course Content

What Type of Customer are You?

Personality Dimensions® Assessment (paper or online)

Understanding Introversion and Extraversion

Selling with Personality

Purchasing with Personality

Developing Your Personality Radar


Closing with Personality

“Close the Deal: Use the Wheel”


RE-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for 4 CE Units in the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CE category

for the 2018 calendar year”


Cost Options

Sales Dimensions full training package

  • 6 contact hours (morning and afternoon) for 4 PD Continuing Education Units
  • All materials (specialized sales handouts)
  • Sales Wheel (one wheel per participant) [extra wheels can be ordered upon request]
  • Personality Dimensions® assessment (paper or online)

At your site      1 – 16 participants         $1100 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST

17 – 35 participants  (2 facilitators)         $1800 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST

At our Oakville site       maximum 4 participants             $1000 + $50 materials fee per participant + HST  (includes light snacks, coffee, tea etc.)


For companies and organizations at a distance of more than 80 Km from Oakville Ontario, a reasonable transportation and incidental

expense fee will be negotiated.

Your Facilitators

Kate Jones (M.Ed.) and Wayne Jones (M.Ed.)

Behavioural Individuality

I recently came upon the website  a site for understanding behavioural individuality. The applications to education and pedagogy should be obvious, but they are often overlooked or dismissed as not rooted in sufficient research. I have found quite the opposite. The understanding of temperament and its application to the classroom setting can yield big dividends for the savvy educator, and by extension, to the adroit administrator (whose “classroom” is the whole school). According to

“Programmatic research on temperament and education has been conducted by two researchers, Barbara Keogh at UCLA and Roy Martin at the University of Georgia. Much of Dr. Keogh’s work focused on special education students and how their behavioural style impacted their learning. She found that classroom teachers perceived a temperament dimension of ‘teachability’ in students, and it was the most important element in predicting how well youngsters would progress academically. This behavioral style characteristic was related to “easy temperament” in both special education and regular education children. Other temperament categories, called task orientation and reactivity were also related to educational functioning. Some temperamental features even predicted overall student achievement better than their scores on tests of cognitive ability!”

Definitely food for thought. This is what Kate Jones & Associates “Awesome Parenting Series” and other workshop offerings based on temperament theory is all about – deeply understanding the individual’s “colour” and then, “accentuating the positive”. In the next blog, I will reference the research of Roy Martin. Have a “colourful” day!

Wayne Jones, M. Ed.brain


Facilitator Qualification (Level I and II) & Bridging &

Refresher Programs for Personality Dimensions®

PD logo

 Why Become a Personality Dimensions® Certified Facilitator?

Join a growing global community of recognized, respected and certified facilitators. Personality Dimensions® is used worldwide, in Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, China, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the United Kingdom and others. Once you become certified your certification stays with you for life, even if you change your employer or move to a different country. As well, there are no recertification fees, assigned territories, or continuing education credits required. In order to use Personality Dimensions®, individuals must first attend a training program to become a Certified Personality Dimensions® Facilitator. Since Personality Dimensions® was first published in 2003, over 250,000 people worldwide have participated in a Personality Dimensions® workshop. Certified Facilitators may: purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources or an authorized Personality Dimensions® distributor; promote themselves as Qualified Facilitators (Level I) both inside and outside their organization; organize and conduct Introductory and Applications sessions; charge for their services; provide statistical data on participants to assist in updating statistical profiles.


Who Should Become a Certified PD® Facilitator?

Personality Dimensions® is an excellent program to add to your facilitator and trainer toolbox. Many of those who have completed the training include:

  • Management Consultants
  • Organizational Development Specialists
  • Career/Vocational Counsellors
  • Team Leaders
  • Coaches
  • Human Resources Specialists
  • Individual/Family Counsellors


What Do You Receive Upon Completion of  PD® Training?

In addition to this powerful and practical learning experience, you will receive…

  • The Personality Dimensions® Manual and handouts CD
  • Building Blocks to a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop with PowerPoint®
  • A set of the standard reading level adult materials
  • Your Certificate of Qualification


As a Certified Personality Dimensions® trainer you…

  • will never have to pay additional licensing or recertification fees
  • have access to all applications of the Personality Dimensions® system, and can deliver workshops on Sales Dimensions™, Retirement Dimensions™, Teambuilding, Communication, Work/Life Balance, Learning Styles, Conflict, and others!

Facilitator Qualification (LEVEL I) Program

The Certified Facilitator (Level I) Qualifying Program is an opportunity for facilitators to add a new dimension to their facilitator toolkit. All inclusive cost: $1000 + HST.

In this three day course you will experience and learn how to deliver Personality Dimensions® workshops for diverse groups and topics. You will learn about the historical and practical developments in temperament, as well as the importance of each component of a Personality Dimensions® workshop and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately. Experiencing hands-on, interactive learning you will: participate in activities typically used in a workshop; learn practical skills and knowledge of adult learning for facilitators; create and customize your own Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop; and learn about the various Personality Dimensions® products available, and their appropriate uses.

Participants must successfully complete an open book exam on the third day to achieve Certified Level  I Personality Dimensions® Facilitator status, and should anticipate some homework on the evening of the first and second day of the program.

This training is facilitated by a Master (Level III) trainer – Kate Jones and Level II trainer – Wayne Jones.


Facilitator Qualification (LEVEL II) Program

The Certified Facilitator (Level II) Program is an opportunity for facilitators to add an advanced designation to their facilitator toolkit. All inclusive cost: $1400 + HST.

In this three day course you will learn how to train PD Level I facilitators. This training is facilitated by a Master (Level III) trainer – Kate Jones. The course is ideal for those PD facilitators who have taught a number of PD workshops, preferably in a variety of settings.

Bridging Program

An alternative one day bridging workshop is also available and gives existing psychological temperament and type tool facilitators an opportunity to gain equivalent qualification for the Personality Dimensions® self-discovery model. A prerequisite is experience in adult education and facilitation as well as proof of qualifications from previous training (MBTI® or True Colors® certification through Career/Lifeskills Resources Inc.). Facilitators will complete a one day workshop to transition from an understanding of other systems to the Personality Dimensions® model. Participants in bridging sessions receive a full set of Personality Dimensions® manuals, Dimension cards, Traits and Characteristics checklists, and a PD in Action booklet. Bridging fees include the cost of certification as a PD facilitator. All inclusive cost: $600 + HST.


Refresher Program (1 or 2 Days)

The Refresher Program is offered to previously certified PD facilitators who wish to review the introductory workshop and various applications. A discussion with Kate Jones will help you ascertain the optimal time frame for your needs and personal professional development. Attendees bring their own materials with them to use in the workshops.

All inclusive cost – one day: $250 + HST.

All inclusive cost – two day: $450 + HST.

KateKate Jones’ Training Sessions Offer:

  • individual and small group (3-6 participants) interactive training in a relaxed residential setting (Oakville), which is smoke-free and scent-sensitive (all participants are requested to be scent-free out of respect for colleagues)
  • training by Personality Dimensions® Master Facilitator, Kate Jones, M.Ed., co-author of Great Parenting Skills for Navigating My Kid’s Personality”and Her Journey: Stories of Entrepreneurs”; coordinator and lead author of Retirement Dimensions™; contributing editor of Sales Dimensions™  and Level II trainer, Wayne Jones
  • all materials, certification and facilitation fees
  • refreshments and light lunch each day (included in the package price)
  • personal follow up support for 1 year as you gain familiarity with facilitating workshops


Personality Dimensions® Level I and II  Certification

Program Qualifies for Canada Job Grant Funding

Click here for details 


Book Your Training Session:

Upcoming sessions:

  • October 1 – 3  –  Oakville Ontario
  • November 5 – 7  –  Oakville Ontario
  • December 3 – 5   –   Oakville Ontario
  • if you have a group of 3 or more participants, we will schedule a date that works with your timeframe
  • if you have a group of 8 – 15 participants, we can arrange to travel to your venue to do on-site training – please call for pricing and scheduling
  • we specialize in small group, focused, interactive and personalized training sessions


20180126_085430 20180126_085425 20180126_085524_HDR 20180126_085617


Here are the steps to booking your session with Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer, Kate Jones:

  • decide on date(s) that best suit your schedule
  • if possible, have some colleagues join your training session – minimum 3 participants will guarantee the session will be offered
  • email ( or call Kate (905-825-1456) to reserve the dates
  • wait for date reservation confirmation from Kate before submitting application
  • complete applicable FACILITATOR QUALIFICATION APPLICATION form after receiving date confirmation and mail/email to Kate Jones
  • Kate Jones & Associates accepts Certified Cheque, Money Order or Interac eTransfer

Yo Why Do You Want to Change?

The above title was actually an answer to the age-old question, “how can I change my personality?”

Sometimes in a workshop I hear things like “I’m not as funny as the other temperament types” or “I wish I could be more like my colleagues because…’, or…. well you get the picture.

I saw the above answer posted in response to a question on

I loved it! Short, to the point.

So often we see the gifts or talents that someone else possesses and we want them. Well, it just stresses us out. As though we don’t have enough stress from life events or from those every day occurrences that “get under our skin” we add to these stressors ourselves.

Instead of asking how you can change your personality, I think the real question is, “How can I make the most of my personality?” What specific talents do you have to offer? And we all have wonderful talents, albeit sometimes hidden ones!

Take a moment today and think of something about your personality that you don’t want to change.

When Can We First Start Watching For Personality Traits

This was one of the questions I had from Linda, the mother of a toddler, whom I was looking after in the church nursery. Imagine her surprise when I told her kids have an innate personality so she could start watching for signs now and eventually would be able to figure out which of the four temperaments her toddler would likely prefer.

Since that conversation (and many similar ones) I have watched my four grandchildren with great interest. The longer I have been studying and speaking about temperaments the faster I see those little ones’ personalities emerge at a very young age.

So today I was very keen to see a similar question posed by a doting grandmother at I was even more keen to see that one of the readers made a comment that her pediatrician suggested by four months of age a baby would be exhibiting signs of his/her personality.

Of course this would be little signs at such a young age. For me, it was usually a number of things the little ones would do over the months that would make me suspect which temperament group they would lean towards.

I distinctly remember the eureka day for me when our third little munchkin started placing her tiny toddler shoes together neatly at the front door when she entered the house. A sure sign of one of the four temperament types.

If you want to know more, be sure to hit our Contact Us tab and I’ll be happy to help!