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Creating Energy With The Word “No”!

In her “The Book of NO” social psychologist Susan Newman not only gives us permission to say “NO”, but highly encourages it.

While some temperament types have real difficulty saying “no”, others wonder what all the fuss is about saying “no”.  I’m afraid I belong to the first group.

So for those of us who want to say “no” more often and stress less, Dr. Newman makes a few good points. Let me share a couple.

She suggests that at work, “if you stretch yourself too thin, you run the risk of making mistakes or doing a mediocre job.” Clients tell me that they fear saying “no” at work in case they get a pink slip. Yet, if they wind up taking on so much that they can’t do anything well that pink slip may be inevitable.

Dr. Newman shares a lot about families. My personal favorite is,  “when you say yes continually to others….you tell yourself and your family that you are not important.”  One of my colleagues books a manicure every second Saturday, more because it allows her an hour of pure bliss away from her family then because she needs her nails done professionally.

Turns out, according to this author, that “no” can create a lot of positive energy in our lives. It is up to us to choose when and how to start using it a little more often!