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60 Tips For A Stunningly Great Life

I’ll bet that got your attention! It did mine.
Robin Sharma, author of “The Leader Who Had No Title“, lists his 60 tips in his blog at if you want to peruse them for yourself.
As I read them through I found myself checking them off or mentally drawing a line through them, depending on whether I agreed or not with the author.. The list served a wonderful positive purpose: it got me thinking about just how great my life actually is right now. So many times I look into the future and think about what I could, or worse, should do, to create a better life.
Just prior to reading this list I had received an email from a client who asked me in her note whether I was having an awesome day. I thought about the question momentarily, and then replied “Yes, actually I am!” I even smiled as I responded on my blackberry. Her very use of the word “awesome” put me in such a positive place.
It continues to amaze me that the words we use to communicate can have such an affect on those around us. As for a “stunningly” great life, now I might just have to add a few things to my list to get me to that level.