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Where Do You Begin?

The foundation for whatever it is in life that you are trying to create — a great team, a fabulous family, or the life you want in your senior years –begins with who you are.

That’s right. Let me repeat this simple truth.

You start at the very beginning by answering the question: Who Are You?

Susan, one of many downsized clients, had no idea how to respond to the question of “who are you?” She looked me straight in the eye and said, “I have no idea who I am, what I want, or what makes me tick! I am over fifty years old. When I look back, I got my degree, started a great career, married the man of my dreams, had wonderful kids, and now, pouf, I haven’t a clue of who I really am because I’ve just been too busy being busy all of these years.”

“Furthermore, “ added Susan, “I have no idea where to begin to find out the answer to this simple question!’

My response: “That’s where I come in!”