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social-network_110003543-012814-intOrganizations that excel  have high productivity and the best ROI in their industry! What is the key to being the best?  A thriving team of people who are engaged and dedicated to making their workplace the best organizaton. Creating an awesome team begins with understanding and then using the strengths of each team member’s personality to make strategic decisions that  improve team dynamics through improved communication and relations. High functioning teams can ultimately catapult an organization into a position of prominence and success.

We have successfully facilitated team presentations in the not-for-profit sector and the corporate sector – at all levels. This engaging and experiential series, based on personality theory (coloursvary with respect to your time limits. Do you want a “Lunch & Learn”, a half-day session or an all day program for a retreat? We’ll work with you to create a program that will ensure your team’s personal success.

We base our AWESOME TEAM BUILDING SERIES on Personality Dimensions®, a personality assessment developed by Canadians, and often referred to as colours by our clients. There is a basic introductory workshop on personality (“colours”), along with a number of variations or applications that we customize to  suit your industry. We also offer a Train-The-Trainer Level 1 Personality Dimensions® Facilitator Workshop.

  •  I Don’t Understand You, But I’d Like To! (Basic Workshop on  4 “Colours”)

    Teams consist of people with different personalities. Sometimes they need a little help developing skills to understand colleagues and bosses. Your team will explore how these differences amongst the members can work towards creating a stronger, more effective team.

  •   Strengths-Based Communication: How to Talk With All Types

Ever notice how some team members may respond to you with one succinct   sentence, while others may take a whole paragraph to say the same thing? Your team will discover how we all communicate in our own “colour”, so to speak, so they can eliminate some of  the communication barriers that may exist.

  •  Handling Stress Your “Colourful” Way 

    Ever wonder why things that stress you may have little affect on others? Don’t worry, they have their own unique set of stressors! Once people identify temperaments and the accompanying stressors, they can develop successful strategies to help alleviate frazzled nerves.

  • Selling With Your “Colourful” Personality ***NEW***

sales wheel Is your staff aware that your customers/clients differ in their approach to purchasing? Team members can learn to recognize how each personality group differs so they  can easily and effectively adapt their approach to each customer and ultimately increase sales! Each of the participants will very likely want to purchase a Sales Wheel ™ that is part of the Sales Dimensions™ program, which Kate was instrumental in having published by publishers Career/Life Skills Resources Inc. as a major contributing editor.

  • Messaging, Presenting and/or Speaking to Audiences

    Do you have group members who could do a great job presenting material or speaking on behalf of the organization if they only had the right tools? This hands-on presentation guides people towards successful stage presence by being mindful of the four personality types — or “colours”  that make up their audiences.

  • Retirement Preparation — Leave A Legacy In Your Workplace

Some team members may be wondering how they can leave a legacy in their workplace upon RDretiring. Help them alleviate some of their concerns about creating a succession plan for themselves as they begin to design future endeavours, such as becoming part-time consultants, experts and/or mentors  who can transfer some of their knowledge to the next generation, as they continue to be highly productive members of your team!

Kate Jones, Master Personality Dimensions® (“colours”) Facilitator, is co-ordinator and lead author of the assessment tool and facilitator guide, Retirement Dimensions™ (under the auspices of Career Life/Skills Resources) designed specifically to help people plan their lifestyle as the first step towards retiring from their current position. Retirement Dimensions™ is the basis for this workshop. Kate also coaches individuals who wish to plan their future retirement lifestyle; please go to the COACHING Tab for more information.

  • Level I  and II Personality Dimensions® Certified Facilitator 

PD Certification is a three-day quality controlled course licensed by Career/Life Skills Resources Inc. You will learn about the latest evolution in presenting personality theory from Kate Jones,  a certified  Personality Dimensions® Master Facilitator. It is an energizing, interactive workshop using the adult learning model.

A PD Certification Bridging workshop is also offered for 1 day to those who have already taken some personality theory training. Kate Jones, a certified  Personality Dimensions® Master Facilitator, will guide you through this interactive session using the adult learning model. For more information please see the TAB: PD CERTIFICATION


Group Of Business People In Their OfficeThe field of positive psychology encourages us to be fully engaged in our lives. Easier said than done, some would argue. But there are ways to become more fully engaged in our lives. Team members are encouraged to begin thinking and feeling positively about their lives, and in so doing, thrive and enjoy happiness.

Each of the workshops in this series can stand alone or be run as a series. We have had many participants find the “Desserts” seminar a way of letting go of their frustrations, laughing at some of ther knee jerk reactions and realizing they need to take time to enjoy life if they want to begin to thrive. The next two seminars in the series are brand new, based on our latest research and development.

  • Stop Being So Stressed — Let’s Have Desserts!

The word “DESSERTS” is used as an acronym to explore ways to handle the stressors that impact both the professional and personal lives of team members. It is an energetic, hands-on way of looking at a way to stop stressing and start living a thriving life.

  • Flourish, Thrive, Get Happy — No Matter What!

Did you know you that it is within your power to change 40% of your happiness?  This workshop explores ways team members can bring joy back into their lives. Happiness truly lies in their hands. They will learn how they can thrive in order to experience better relationships, and improve their lives both at work and at home. We’ll provide the map for their journey back to happiness.

  • Putting Positivity To Work

Positivity is a means, not an ends. Like the sunshine, positive feelings come and go. A positivity experts suggest that we think of the times we feel connected to someone and loved. Or when we feel gratitude with what we have. Or when we feel reinvigorated by a new idea. “Positivity reins whenever positive emotions touch and open our heart.” And the good news is that positivity can be a choice! You’ll discover how positivity can last longer than a fleeting moment — even in the workplace!