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For Parents & Educators


Want happy, positive kids at home and at school?

Our book is based on the parent and educator workshops we’ve run for over a decade. First you need to gain a good understanding of a child’s personality strengths. Then you can build a relationships through your knowledge of their specific stressors, communication style, homework style, etc. Call us for a quote on a workshop from our “Awesome Parenting Series©”, Awesome Student Series, or Awesome Educator Series  where we  explore the four basic “colourful” personalities. Or get a head start by purchasing the book now!


For Teams (NFP and Corporate)

Want to raise your ROI through soft skills training?

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Teams can increase productivity through gaining a deep understanding of members’ basic personality types ( 4 “colours”). They can learn more about their respective strengths and then explore how to use this knowledge to decrease stress, to decrease conflict, to prepare for retirement or to increase sales (Sales Dimensions is our newest training available), to name just a few. Contact us to explore how personalities can work together.

Or perhaps you want to explore bringing positivity to the workplace. Team members can learn positive research-based methods that will help them thrive at work so they can enjoy the work environment even more. Contact us to discover how  team  members can enjoy increased well-being in the workplace. 


As one client said, Kate helps people build resilience in an era where resilience is crucial to success, both at work and in the home.”

Kate Jones & Associates provides informative, interactive and engaging sessions based on proven personality theory (4 Colours as our clients like to call it) and positive psychology (“happiness”). Our workshops over the last fifteen years have consistently proven to enhance self-awareness, communication skills, leadership capabilities, conflict resolution, and team building. Participants tell us that once the session is over they invariably apply the material immediately because we ensure that it is relevant, effective and engaging. When people enjoy learning they take ownership of the information and use it personally and professionally.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Individual and Business Coaching and HR Consulting Services (see TEAM – Stephen White).

In addition, Kate Jones & Associates is now an approved training provider for Mortgage Professionals Canada (




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